Equipment of the Egyptian Army

Currently fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham — Sinai Province, the local ISIS/Daesh affiliate, the military of Egypt certainly has its hands full. Largely supplied by US manufacturers and funded heavily by US tax dollars, Egypt’s military is one of the strongest in the region. Advanced equipment like the M1A1 Abrams main battle tank make up the spearhead of the Egyptian army, while older supplies are often held in reserve. Currently deployed in several countreis around the world on UN missions (CAR, DRC, Liberia, Mali, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Sudan, the UAE and Western Sahara), the Egyptian military has supposedly come a long way since the days of its dismal performance during the first Gulf War. However, stagnation under former president Hosni Mubarak and an emphasis on an internal security role led to the degradation of Egyptian forces, and their performance against Daesh in the Sinai has been rather lackluster so far. The Egyptian navy possesses several larger warships, including a French-made destroyer and several former American frigates. This gives Egypt a global reach capability. Furthermore, Egypt’s air force, equipped with Dassault Rafale multirole aircraft, has in its inventory some of the most capable military aircraft in the world. Finally, a significant portion of Egypt’s military (with a total of 150,000 members, including reservists) is comprised of the Air Defence Command, which was created after several atrocious wars against Israel in which the Egyptian military was hounded by IDF aircraft. This command has a mixture of newer and older technologies, much like the rest of the military, and is considered to be one of the better air defense systems in the region.

Egyptian Army

Main Battle Tank

  •  M1A1 Abrams
  •  M60 Patton
    •  M60A1
    •  M60A3
  •  T-62
  •  T-54/55
    •  Ramses II

Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle

  •  BRDM-2
  •  Commando Scout

Infantry Fighting Vehicle

  •  YPR-765
  •  BMP-1

Armored Personnel Carrier, Tracked

  •  M113A2
  •  YPR-765
  •  BTR-50
  •  OT-62

Armored Personnel Carrier, Wheeled

  •  BMR-600P
  •  BTR-60S
  •  Fahd-30/TH 390
  •  Walid

Protected Patrol Vehicle

  •  Reva V LWB

Self-Propelled Artillery

  •  122 mm SP 122
  •  155 mm M109A2
  •  155 mm M109A5

Towed Artillery

  •  122 mm D-30M
  •  122 mm M-1931/37
  •  122 mm M-30
  •  130 mm M-46
  •  155 mm GH-52


  •  122 mm BM-11
  •  122 mm BM-21
  •  122 mm Sakr-10
  •  122 mm Sakr-18
  •  122 mm Sakr-36
  •  130 mm K136 Kooryong
  •  140 mm BM-14
  •  227 mm M270 MLRS
  •  240 mm BM-24


  •  107 mm M106A1
  •  107 mm M106A2
  •  120 mm M1064A3
  •  81 mm M125A2
  • 82 mm (No Other Infrmation)
  •  120 mm M-1943
  • 120 mm Brandt
  •  160 mm M160

Tank Destroyer

  •  M-901
  •  YPR-765 PRAT


  •  9K11 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger)
  •  BRDM-2 w/ 9K11 Malyutka
  •  Milan
  •  TOW-2

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

  •  R4E-50 Skyeye
  •  ASN-204

Self-Propelled SAM

  •  M1097 Avenger
  •  M48 Chaparral
  •  9K31 Strela-1 (SA-9 Gaskin)


  •  Ayn al-Saqr
  •  9K32 Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail)
  •  FIM-92A Stinger
  •  9K38 Igla (SA-18 Grouse)

Self-Propelled AAA

  •  23 mm Sinai-23
  •  23 mm ZSU-23-4
  • 37 mm (No Further Information)
  •  57 mm ZSU-57-2

Towed AAA

  •  14.5 mm ZPU-4
  •  23 mm ZU-23-2
  •  57 mm S-60

Mobile Radar

  •  AN/TPQ-36 Firefinder
  •  AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder

Tactical Ballistic Missile System

  •  FROG-7
  •  Sakr-80
  •  Scud-B

Armored Recovery Vehicle

  •  Fahd 240
  •  GMR 3560.55
  •  M88A1
  •  M88A2
  •  M113 ARV
  •  M578
  •  T-54/55 ARV

Vehicle Launched Bridge

  •  KMM
  •  MTU
  •  MTU-20

Mine Warfare

  •  Aardvark JFSU Mk.4